Organic values

pH: 7
Total Nitrogen (N): 4%
Organic nitrogen (N): 4%
Phosphoric Anhydride (P205): 4%
Potassium Oxide (K2O): 4%
Organic Carbon (C): 40%
Organic matter: 68%
Humidity: 10% - 14%

Raw material

Dried pollen not originating from industrial farms

VeraPollina is indicated for basic fertilization, pre-sowing or pre-transplanting of crops and for the autumn-winter fertilization of fruit trees in general. It is also ideal, given its contribution of organic matter naturally present from the base matrix for all periods of fertilization. VeraPollina, being a completely organic product, is not subject to loss of nutrients.


VeraPollina, also used superficially in grassy orchards and vineyards and sowing practices, exerts its fertilizing power, because it melts very quickly in the presence of soil moisture. The balance between the various substances contained in VeraPollina have a positive effect on the vegetative balance of the plant and above all on leaves and fruits, thus increasing production.


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