Circular economy

Source of the raw material

For the production of our fertilizers we use a single organic matrix entirely produced in the company and deriving from our farms. Our animals are fed with natural feed and without the use of antibiotics, ensuring compliance with all animal welfare standards. This is why we certify a safe and guaranteed raw material for use in organic farming, which does not contain synthetic elements, chemicals, antibiotics, refuse, urban waste or matrices from unknown sources.

Organic matter from a single company matrix
NO refuse
NO urban waste
NO matrices from mixed and unknown sources

Productive process

We subject our raw materials to a slow process of drying and natural dehumidification, to obtain a pure and safe product without the use of invasive and combustion techniques that would alter the purity and stability of the product. For the production we use clean and renewable energy coming from our company hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy plants to guarantee complete respect for the environment and nature.

Drying and natural dehumidification
NO combustion

Final product 100% natural

We are the only company able to certify the total absence of antibiotics in its fertilizers. We guarantee a pure, stable and safe final product capable of replenishing nutrients in the soil, preserving soil fertility, respecting the biological cycles of crops, avoiding waste and allowing good agricultural practices that guarantee the natural development of plants, quality and healthiness of foodstuffs. All our fertilizers can be used in organic farming.

A pure and safe product
Completely free of antibiotics